From automated recommendation systems that suggest what music we should listen to next to the vast catalogues of musical metadata that underpin sound effect and other sonic databases, the explosion of the sound commodities into digital data has had a significant impact on how we search for, discover, and experience music and other audio content (i.e. podcasts, audiobooks, etc.). As streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, Tencent and others become central hubs for the playback of a variety of sound commodities, these platforms create new opportunities and challenges for music-makers and their audiences. As “multi-sided markets”, these audio platforms bring into contact a number of (sometimes competing, sometimes complementing) interests, including but ot limited to musicians, advertisers, brands, labels, audiences, software designers, and data analysts. At the intersection of these interests lies a trove of data that helps coordinate how sound culture circulates.

Tuesday May 31st 3pm (UK)

(note different day and time)

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