Stockholm – Nov 21-22

Building on our first workshop we will further develop some of the themes that emerged in York and bring new ones. The workshop will include talks, discussions, and two concerts with composed and improvised music. We will be hosted at KTH/KMH by Bob Sturm and the workshop is linked with the MUSAiC Festival (Nov. 22-24)

Nov. 21st

1:00 concert ( Teknikringen 35, Hall #1)

  • Franzisca Schroeder & Federico Reuben
  • Palle Dahlstedt
  • David Dolan & Oded Ben-Tal

2:45 Keynote Marc Leman – Music interaction poses challenges for interactive music and AI applications (Lindstedtsvägen 24; Division of Speech, Music and Hearing fifth floor)

4:00 Short talks and discussion

  • Leif Handberg
  • Esther Ericsson & Simon Alexsander
  • Ana Clemente

Nov. 22nd

9:30 Keynote Cecilia Åsberg (Stallet )

10:45 Short talks and discussion

  • Thor Magnusson
  • Georgina Born
  • Palle Dahlstedt
  • Benoit Baudry & Erik Gustafsson

14:00 concert: machine folk music

15:00 Short talks and discussion

  • Artemi-Maria Gioti
  • Emily Howard
  • Oded Ben-Tal

20:00 Concert (KMH, Nathan Milstein Hall)

  • David G. Champernowne “Music for EDSAC”
  • Hiller and Isaacson “Illiac Suite”
  • Antoine Caillon “Azimuth Conjunction In Declining State”
  • Artemi Maria-Giotti “Bias” for bass clarinet and AI
  • Oded Ben-Tal “Notes for a Future Self”
  • Emily Howard “Four Musical Proofs and a Conjecture”

Get in Touch

If you are interested in attending you can email Oded Ben-Tal (o dot ben-tal at kingston dot ac. dot uk)