Grant Writing workshop – April 18th Kingston University

We are seeking expressions of interest to take part in a free grant-writing workshop The main aim of the network is to formulate core questions that can propel forward data driven research into creative music making. Within that aim we identified two key elements: (1) seek innovative ways to improve digital music data to better support future research; and, (2) consider the ethical and legal implications of data and its use in music research.  

Since its launch in January 2022, the network has been bringing together researchers and practitioners – including performers, composers, and improvisers – from different underlying disciplines and with a wide range of expertise. In workshops and online seminars we explored a range of topics connecting music and data. We seek to continue with this inclusive approach in supporting promising research projects through a 1-day workshop. The workshop will be led by Prof. David De Roure and with further contributions from members of the network research team. Hosted at Kingston University, the workshop will be an opportunity to develop research ideas – at any stage of development – towards strong research proposals. We welcome applications from individuals and small research teams and from researchers at any stage of their career. The workshop will provide an opportunity to develop the research ideas through short talks and group discussion. 

To apply please submit (1) a 1-page outline of the research; and, (2) a 1-page CV. The outline should:

  • Provide a short summary of the research aims and initial research questions.
  • Identify at least one potential funding source for the project. 
  • Explain how the workshop will assist in developing your idea into a strong research proposal.

Attach a 1-page CV for each member of the core research team, and indicate who will participate in the workshop should the proposal be chosen. We are unable to provide funding to support participation in the workshop or the proposed research projects themselves.

The submitted outlines will be evaluated by the network partners. Proposals invited to take part in the workshop will be innovative research ideas in the broad area of music and data, which demonstrate the potential to develop into strong research bids. We will not be able to provide feedback on unsuccessful applications.


  • January 18th: email expression of interest documents to 
  • Feb 28th: successful applications invited to attend workshop
  • March 20th: Invited applicants to confirm their attendance in the workshop
  • April 18th: In person workshop at Kingston.

Submission summary

  • 1-page outline of proposed research
  • 1-page CV